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Located in beautiful Santa Ynez, California, Rancho Olivos creates distinctively fresh artisan extra virgin olive oils that enhance the flavors of fine foods. 

My wife Shannon is the Passionate Proprietor of Rancho Olivos. We are a true family business.  We run all the day to day operations.  Our aim is not just to make great olive oil, but also to share our artisan oils with others who appreciate unique, locally grown, handcrafted olive oil and want to enjoy it in their homes.

When we moved to California’s Central Coast Wine Region, like many others, we considered planting grapes.  We quickly realized wine grapes require significant maintenance and TLC throughout the year.   Shannon began thinking about a crop that would compliment Santa Ynez Valley wines.  As a life-long food enthusiast and excellent cook, it didn’t take her long to hit on the idea of growing olives and making olive oil.

As a Nouveau Farmer, Shannon went to Olive School, a short program offered by University of California, Davis.  The class gave her an opportunity to taste many varieties of olive oil. She even brought back some oils for me to sample.

We loved the taste of Tuscan style olive oil, but thought that the pungency wouldn’t appeal to everybody.  Arbequina, a Spanish Varietal, is much lighter and fruity tasting.  We decided to plant a mix of Italian and Spanish Varietals of olives.  

We sustainably grow our trees in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Here the dry climate with warm long days and crisp evenings is an ideal environment for olive trees.

Harvest time is typically between early November to mid-January.  As they mature, the olives turn from firm green to a soft black.  We hand pick our olives and the olives are milled within just a few hours of picking to assure the highest quality and freshness in the olive oil.

Shannon and I love to offer a truly fresh flavorful local hand crafted extra virgin olive oil.  Since our first harvest, we have invited folks to drop in to farm and taste our artisan extra virgin olive oils.  We are the only olive oil producers in the valley to offer tastings on the farm next to our beautiful olive trees.

Shannon and I give particular care to the entire process from the tending of the orchards, harvesting the olives, supervising the milling, to the bottling of the oil, opting for quality rather than quantity.

We are extremely grateful to our many family and friends who have helped us grow Rancho Olivos, our gourmet olive oil company. 

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